Are you suffering from sleep disorders? Find out how to overcome sleep problems

Have you ever wondered what sleep disorders actually entail? It’s not just insomnia or sleep apnea, but a range of problems that can significantly affect our physical and mental health. […]

Trichotillomania, or the need to pull out hair. Where does this disorder come from and how to treat it?

Trichotillomania, also known as hair pulling disorder, is a serious health challenge that can significantly affect daily functioning and well-being. What are the causes and mechanism of this affliction? Where […]

Guide to dry elbows: symptoms, causes and effective treatments

Dry elbows are a seemingly trivial problem that can significantly affect your overall appearance, comfort and well-being. If you’re fed up with dry skin around your elbows, roughness or cracks […]

Splitting nails: causes, care and effective treatments

Although split nails may seem like just an aesthetic nuisance, they are also often a signal that something wrong is going on in our body. So let’s take a look […]

How to balance sebum and enjoy a healthy complexion?

Sebum plays a key role in maintaining the health and natural balance of the complexion. It is not just a mixture of fats and waxes – it is a kind […]

Black Pimples: causes and proven ways to fight this affliction

Black pimples – often these stubborn spots on our skin can spoil our mood and affect our self-confidence. Although they are small, their presence is often a nuisance, and fighting […]

Pimples in the mouth: causes and effective treatments

Although pimples in the mouth may sound a bit enigmatic, we will try to answer the question of where this bothersome affliction comes from and how to combat it. Find […]

Seborrheic dandruff – where does greasy dandruff come from?

Seborrheic dandruff is a troublesome dermatological condition whose characteristic symptoms may include increased sebum secretion and a flaky scalp. How does greasy dandruff differ from dry dandruff? What are its […]

Dry dandruff – learn about its symptoms and treatments

Do you notice white specks on your hair and scalp that resemble snowflakes? This could be dry dandruff – one of the common skin ailments. Importantly, this affliction is not […]

Looking for a way to treat acne blemishes? Try these!

Acne lesions can be frustrating – not only do they look unsightly, but they can also leave behind scars and discoloration. Is it possible to get rid of them? How […]

Learn about the types of acne to get rid of pimples!

Imperfections are appearing on your skin and you suspect it might be acne? Don’t immediately reach for drugs, cosmetics and acne treatments. First determine what type of acne you are […]

Papular acne – what is it? How to treat it?

One of the varieties of acne vulgaris, which is sometimes frequently diagnosed in adults, is specifically papular acne. What are its symptoms? What causes the formation of papules on the […]

What are smoker’s wrinkles? How do you get rid of them?

Contrary to what their name suggests, smoker’s wrinkles do not only appear on the faces of cigarette smokers. Where do they come from? What contributes to their formation and how […]

How to smooth dry and chapped lips?

The skin of the lips is delicate and prone to drying out. Under the influence of various external factors, it can become chapped, dry and even crack. What are effective […]

Where do acrimonies come from? How to cure cracked corners of the mouth?

Cracked corners of the mouth is a painful condition that is not only an aesthetic problem, but can also be a symptom of a lack of vitamins or more serious […]

Acne rosacea – what does it look like? What are its symptoms and treatment?

One type of acne accompanied by erythema, pimples and papules is rosacea. This affliction most often affects women and is chronic in nature. Learn about the early symptoms of rosacea […]

How does an inguinal hernia manifest itself? How to treat it?

A soft, palpable and visible lump in the groin area may just be one of the most characteristic symptoms of inguinal hernia. What are the other symptoms of this condition? […]

Spider veins on the legs – how do they form? How can they be treated?

Cracked blood vessels on the legs, in terms of appearance, can resemble spiders – which is why they are sometimes referred to as spider veins or vascular spider veins. How […]

Proven ways to get sagging cheeks

Drooping cheeks, which are sometimes referred to as „hamster cheeks” can adversely affect facial features. What are the causes of sagging cheeks? How can they be lifted and firmness restored? Where […]

Vascular skin – what is worth knowing about it?

Sensitive, demanding, prone to rapid changes in temperature – this is the shortest way to describe vascular skin. It usually occurs in women between the ages of 30 and 50, […]
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