How is the lion’s wrinkle formed? How to remove it?

29 October 2023
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The lion’s wrinkle, which is also sometimes referred to as the lion’s furrow, is located vertically between the eyebrows. It can be single or double – depending on the anatomy and facial expressions. Lion’s wrinkles give the face a menacing appearance. No wonder so many people are looking for a way to get rid of them. Is it possible to avoid lion’s wrinkle? How is a lion’s wrinkle formed and how to get rid of it?

Lion’s furrow – characteristics

Like many other wrinkles on the forehead, lion’s wrinkles are classified as facial wrinkles, i.e. wrinkles that are caused by repeated facial expressions – supported, of course, by the skin’s natural aging processes.

The lion’s wrinkle is located vertically between the eyebrows. Its presence is the result of repeated facial expressions (for example, adopting an angry or threatening expression), but anatomical issues are also of great importance.

How are lion’s wrinkles formed?

Facial wrinkles, which include the lion’s furrow, are formed, fixed and deepen gradually – in the initial stage, the skin returns to its normal shape, and the lion’s wrinkle disappears completely. Once the furrow becomes fixed, it will be visible all the time.

The muscles that crinkle the eyebrows and the straight muscle of the nose are directly responsible for the formation of the lion’s wrinkle. Indirectly, its perpetuation is influenced by the frequency of adopting a certain facial expression, as well as anatomical issues – in some people the lion’s furrow appears even when they are not annoyed.

Wrinkles between the eyebrows and other facial wrinkles arise not only from a certain expression, but also as a consequence of the skin’s natural aging processes. Reduced production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin results in a loss of skin elasticity and density. Not surprisingly, facial wrinkles are then more easily fixed and deepen. It is for this reason that lion’s wrinkles most often affect people over the age of 40, although it happens that these wrinkles start to become visible even earlier.

How to get rid of the lion’s wrinkle?

Do you have a visible vertical furrow on your forehead and want to get rid of it? There are various ways to do it. Before you choose any of them, consult an aesthetic doctor who will look at your skin and assess which type of treatment will be most effective.

Lion’s wrinkle treatments

  • Hyaluronic acid lion’s furrow filling – wrinkle filling with hyaluronic acid is very popular. This procedure makes it possible to level and often even completely eliminate wrinkles. Although its effects are time-limited (most often the procedure has to be repeated after a year), its low invasiveness and relatively high level of safety are the reasons why many people choose hyaluronic acid lion’s wrinkle filling.
  • Botox for lion’s wrinkle – or botulinum toxin treatment, which is also commonly referred to as Botox. Botulinum toxin, unlike hyaluronic acid, is not a filler. It is a substance that causes tense muscles to relax, making wrinkles and frown lines invisible. The effects of this treatment also last for about a year.
  • Laser treatment – is an option recommended for those who still have fairly shallow lion’s wrinkles. Laser therapy accelerates skin renewal, helps smooth fine lines and reduce the appearance of deeper wrinkles.

These are the most popular of the treatments for lion’s furrow. Before choosing a specific method, consult your aesthetic physician. Learn about the indications and contraindications for the selected treatment.

Lion’s wrinkle prevention – how to avoid furrows on the forehead?

If the lion’s wrinkles have not yet become firmly established on your forehead, but you are already concerned about their appearance, institute proper prevention. These methods will not protect you from the appearance of any wrinkles, but they can delay their formation and deepening.

What to do and what not to do to minimize the risk of developing lion’s wrinkle?

  • Avoid UV exposure, and if you are in the sun, use cosmetics with UV filters.
  • Make sure your skin is properly moisturized. Use cosmetics selected for your skin type.
  • Drink plenty of water, but also other healthy beverages. Keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.
  • Do gymnastics and facial massage, and use concentrated firming cosmetics on occasion as well.
  • Avoid angry facial expressions. Facial wrinkles can give the face a sympathetic, sad or angry look. The idea is not to suppress your emotions and never feel irritated, but it is beneficial to avoid frowning your eyebrows for no reason – for example, during ordinary conversation or as part of fooling around.

Keep in mind that even the most consistent prevention will not guarantee you forever young skin. Even if wrinkles and furrows appear on it over time, do not worry. Modern aesthetic medicine knows many ways on how to remove the lion’s wrinkle.

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