Needle and micro-needle mesotherapy – what are the differences? Which one to choose?

30 October 2023
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Mesotherapy treatments are very popular among those interested in revitalizing the skin and improving its condition. Cosmetic and aesthetic medicine offices offer needle and micro-needle mesotherapy. Although their names sound almost identical, in reality these treatments differ both in terms of how they are performed and the results they can provide. What is needle mesotherapy and what is micro-needle mesotherapy? Which one should you opt for?

What does needle mesotherapy consist of?

As the name of the procedure suggests, needle mesotherapy is a procedure performed with a needle – it is used to deliver individually selected preparations deep into the skin. The depth of injection is selected individually – depending on the needs of the skin, its condition and even the part of the body on which the treatment is performed. After all, classical (needle) mesotherapy can be performed on various areas of the skin. The most popular are:

  • Facial needle mesotherapy – can be aimed at supporting the fight against wrinkles or loss of skin density, but also in many other situations. It helps revitalize the skin and has a beneficial effect on its condition. The exact effects depend on the type of product used, as well as the depth of the injection.
  • Mesotherapy of the scalp – is sometimes used in the treatment of alopecia of various causes, as well as prevention of hair loss. During this treatment, substances that stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair follicles are administered directly into the skin, making their effect more intense than treatments based on agents administered to the skin.

What results can you expect? It depends on the preparation used! Mesotherapy can have a moisturizing effect, but also a revitalizing or firming effect. Hyaluronic acid and peptide mesotherapy are often performed.

What is micro-needle mesotherapy?

This procedure is also sometimes referred to as micropuncture and involves making a large number of microscopic punctures on a selected area of skin. During this procedure, various substances may be used in addition, which will be applied to a small depth, but this is not necessary.

Micro-puncture, or micro-needle mesotherapy, is a procedure whose main purpose is not the application of preparations, but precisely the puncturing of the skin. This is because the effect of this action is to stimulate natural regenerative processes. Ultimately, the skin becomes firmer as a result, and its density is also improved. Micro-needle mesotherapy is widely used in the treatment of scars of various types, as well as in the leveling of wrinkles and many other skin defects. The micro-needle mesotherapy procedure is performed with a specialized, disposable device, which is equipped with a number of miniature needles with an option to adjust them.

Which treatment to choose: needle mesotherapy or micro-needling?

Each type of mesotherapy aims to stimulate the skin’s natural regenerative processes. Needle mesotherapy has a deeper effect, and the most important element of this treatment is the application of selected preparations (for example, peptides). Micro-needle mesotherapy affects the skin a bit more shallowly, and its most important element is the pricking of the skin itself, which stimulates the regenerative processes in the skin.

Which type of mesotherapy to choose? It depends on what your expectations and skin problems are!

  • Micro-needle mesotherapy is recommended for people who have scars, stretch marks, acne marks or hyperpigmentation on their skin. In this case, more important than the application of preparations is the promotion of the skin’s natural regenerative processes. Microneedling causes controlled damage to the skin, and this stimulates it to regenerate. Scars and stretch marks become shallower, and acne lesions and hyperpigmentation lighten.
  • Needle mesotherapy is recommended for those who want to improve the condition of their skin, moisturize it, provide it with specific substances with a nourishing, firming or revitalizing effect.

Although micro-needle mesotherapy is a more modern type of treatment, this does not at all mean that it is a better technique than classic mesotherapy. As you can see, these are two completely different treatments, and each is still very popular. To choose the most favorable technique for you, schedule a dermatological consultation!

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