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27 November 2023
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Acne lesions can be frustrating – not only do they look unsightly, but they can also leave behind scars and discoloration. Is it possible to get rid of them? How can acne blemishes be removed?

How and why do acne blemishes develop?

Every acne lesion is associated with ongoing inflammation. If acne is properly treated, chances are that it will not leave behind much scarring and discoloration. Lack of treatment or inadequate handling of acne lesions often leads to atrophic scars and hyperpigmentation.

Acne hyperpigmentation takes the form of irregular spots on the skin. They can have a red, pink or light brown tint. The direct cause of their occurrence is a disruption in the level of melanin production. Indirectly, the inflammation that accompanies acne and several other factors – most notably:

  • Scratching and squeezing skin lesions – mechanical damage to acne lesions is the most common cause of hyperpigmentation. When this happens, collagen fibers are torn, which can result not only in hyperpigmentation, but also in the appearance of atrophic scars (depressions in the skin).
  • Overexposure to UV radiation – leads to a disruption in melanin production, so that hyperpigmentation appears. Sunbathing, use of tanning beds and even walking in full sun are not advisable for people who use acne treatments, cosmetics and treatments – they are often based on acids or retinol derivatives, so they have a photosensitizing effect.

Acne scars and hyperpigmentation are „souvenirs“ that can be avoided. It is crucial to start treatment, follow the doctor’s recommendations and avoid improper handling of acne skin. It is absolutely inadvisable to squeeze, pierce or scratch acne lesions, as well as overexposure to UV radiation without proper sun protection.

Ways to treat acne blemishes

Do you have dark spots on your skin, which are an unwelcome remnant of acne? Wondering what will be most effective for acne blemishes? Try home remedies, learn about professional treatments and cures!

Home remedies for acne blemishes

It’s difficult to remove skin discolorations using only home methods – but they can be treated as a support for professional treatment. What to do and what not to do to speed up the process of lightening the discoloration after acne?

  • Take care of your skin condition, use properly selected cosmetics to avoid the recurrence of acne lesions and further blemishes.
  • Exfoliate the epidermis regularly, which will stimulate the skin’s renewal processes and, as a result, will also speed up the disappearance of blemishes. You can use cosmetic mechanical or chemical scrubs, but you can also use homemade scrubs – for example, from very fine sugar, as well as from very finely ground and brewed coffee beans.
  • Try the effects of lemon juice and cucumber mask – these are proven home remedies for hyperpigmentation. From the lemon, just squeeze the juice, and then apply it spot-on to the pigmented lesions – after several minutes, it is worth washing your face to remove the remnants of the juice. Preparing a cucumber mask is equally simple: just grate it or cut it into small pieces and apply it to the skin. Cucumber juice has soothing, moisturizing and brightening properties.

Keep in mind that some home methods may interfere with professional treatments. If you opt for a series of laser or acid-based treatments, make sure there are no contraindications to using home methods as well.

What cosmetics for acne blemishes?

Treatment of post-acne hyperpigmentation very often consists precisely in the use of properly selected cosmetics. Their range is so wide and variable that it is difficult to point out specific products. Instead, we will focus on the substances that should be found in effective cosmetics for hyperpigmentation:

  • Acids – especially azelaic acid, lactic acid, kojic acid and glycolic acid, but also others. Cosmetics with acids accelerate the exfoliation of the epidermis, can have brightening properties, as well as help protect the complexion from acne recurrence.
  • Retinol – is effective as a treatment against wrinkles, but is also good for skin discoloration and acne. It promotes faster exfoliation of the epidermis, thus speeding up the process of skin renewal and reducing hyperpigmentation. An alternative to retinol is also retinal (both ingredients are derivatives of vitamin A), which has a slightly gentler effect.
  • Vitamin C – like lemon juice, has a brightening and illuminating effect.
  • Niacinamide – is important in the prevention of hyperpigmentation (it inhibits melanin synthesis), but also helps fight existing pigmentary lesions.

To choose the best drugstore and drugstore products for skin with acne blemishes, consult a dermatologist who will take into account all aspects of your skin, not just the presence of blemishes.

Removal of acne blemishes – recommended treatments

Home remedies and cosmetics for acne blemishes have limited effectiveness. If you want to get rid of skin discoloration at a faster pace, consider getting a professional treatment.

Treatments for hyperpigmentation:

  • Chemical peels – have a similar effect to the acid peels that can be performed at home, but are much more intense. This is because professional cosmetic and aesthetic medicine offices use preparations with a higher concentration of active substances (in this case, mainly with a higher content of acids), which intensifies their effect and allows you to get rid of hyperpigmentation in a shorter period of time.
  • Laser removal of hyperpigmentation – one of the most popular methods that can be used in aesthetic medicine offices. Treatments with a thulium, fractional or picosecond laser help lighten discoloration, even out skin tone and stimulate the skin’s natural regenerative processes.
  • Professional depigmentation therapies – these are comprehensive treatments that are usually at least two stages (the first stage takes place in the office, the second at the patient’s home). Depigmentation therapy uses the action of acids, brightening substances, exfoliating and equalizing skin tone.

These are a select few of the many treatments that can help you combat existing acne blemishes. Make an appointment for a dermatological consultation to choose the most beneficial way to restore your skin’s uniform coloration.

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