What is endermologie? Effects, price and indications for the treatment

17 October 2023
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One method of body shaping is endermologie. This procedure is very popular among people who want to get rid of cellulite or slenderise selected body parts. What is endermologie? What are the indications and contraindications for the procedure?

Endermologie – what is it?

The treatment known as endermologie is nothing more than a professional vacuum massage, which is performed using specialised equipment. Endermology equipment is equipped with heads that generate negative pressure.

What does an endermologie treatment look like?

As the vacuum massage has an intense effect on the skin, special protective suits are used during the procedure. The exact procedure depends on the area of skin being treated and the purpose of the treatment.

Special heads carry out simultaneous mechanical and vacuum massage, thus having an intensive effect on the skin and subcutaneous tissues. During the treatment, the operation of the device is controlled by a specialist and the heads themselves are equipped with protective sensors so that the impact of the vacuum is not too intense.

What are the results of a vacuum massage?

Many people wonder what can be gained by opting for a treatment such as endermologie. The results depend on the previous condition of the skin, as well as the number of treatments performed. What benefits can be expected?

  • Cellulite reduction – the vacuum massage helps to smooth „orange peel” skin. It has an intensive effect on the subcutaneous tissues, improves skin tension and shapes the silhouette.
  • Improve lymphatic circulation and minimise swelling – an intensive vacuum massage improves blood and lymphatic circulation. If lymphatic swellings are present on the body, this is also a way to minimise them.
  • Skin firming – endermologie stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin. These processes result in firmer and tighter skin.

Indications and contraindications for vacuum massage

Before any cosmetic or aesthetic treatment, it is a good idea to make sure that it will be advisable and beneficial for you. You can raise this issue during a consultation with your doctor – such as a dermatologist – or discuss it during the conversation with a specialist that always precedes any procedure.

Endermologie – indications:

  • Water or fat cellulite – resistant to other methods of reduction.
  • Loss of skin firmness and density.
  • Excess body fat that does not reduce despite exercise and dieting.
  • Joint pain and swelling.

Endermologie – contraindications:

  • Cancer – primarily active. For cured cancerous lesions, it is advisable to consult your oncologist before using endermologie.
  • Pregnancy and lactation period.
  • Venous inflammation, thrombosis, venous insufficiency.
  • Fragility of blood vessels, susceptibility to spider veins.
  • Vitiligo
  • Use of blood-thinning drugs.

How much does a vacuum massage cost? Is it worth it?

When it comes to treatments such as endermologie, the price depends on several factors. It can be influenced by the standard and location of the clinic, the size of the area of the body to be massaged, and whether you decide to purchase a series of treatments or a single implementation straight away.

The cost of a single full-body endermologie treatment usually ranges from £150 upwards. In a series, the treatments are more affordable. Many clinics then do not charge for the suit you need to bring with you for each massage. If, on the other hand, you are interested in a vacuum massage of a small part of the body (for example, the buttocks or abdomen), the price will be lower.

Many people wonder whether it is worth opting for a single endermologie treatment or a whole series straight away. There is no denying that only performing several or a dozen treatments can produce very clear results. The vacuum massage is certainly one of those procedures worth trying if you want to smooth cellulite, improve skin tone or improve lymphatic circulation.

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