What is microdermabrasion? What effects does it have?

12 October 2023
A woman during a microdermabrasion treatment. En Source: VistaCreate

Microdermabrasion is one of the many treatments you can benefit from in cosmetic and aesthetic medicine surgeries. What does this procedure consist of? What does a microdermabrasion treatment look like? What results can be expected? Let’s find out!

Microdermabrasion – what is it?

Microdermabrasion is a procedure of mechanical exfoliation of the epidermis, which can be performed in cosmetic surgeries and aesthetic medicine. It is a minimally invasive method, which, however, allows the top layer of the epidermis to be removed. Although microdermabrasion can be performed on various areas of the body, this treatment is most commonly carried out on the face.

Microdermabrasion treatment is performed with a specialised device that is equipped with a head – usually a diamond head.

Types of microdermabrasion

  • Diamond microdermabrasion – involves exfoliating the epidermis using a natural or synthetic diamond head.
  • Laser microdermabrasion – a modern version of microdermabrasion. The treatment uses a CO2 laser beam, which allows precise exfoliation of the epidermis. This method is recommended for people in whom classic microdermabrasion should not be performed (for example, due to the presence of acne lesions).
  • Oxydermabrasion (oxygen microdermabrasion) – the gentlest type of microdermabrasion, which is performed using saline and oxygen. The effect is not only exfoliating, but also purifying.
  • Corundum microdermabrasion – this can be compared to the sandblasting process, as it uses crushed corundum crystals that come out of the device and interact with the skin.

Each type of microdermabrasion serves to refresh and exfoliate the epidermis. If you are not sure which type of treatment to choose, consult your dermatologist.

Microdermabrasion – effects and indications for treatment

Performing microdermabrasion can have a significant impact on the appearance and condition of the skin. Although this treatment is not invasive, it exfoliates the epidermis quite intensively, and this provides:

  • Refreshes the skin, cleansing the pores.
  • Elimination of hyperpigmentation and acne marks.
  • Smoothing the complexion, removing minor bumps.
  • Wrinkle smoothing.

The effects after microdermabrasion treatment are visible almost immediately, but the best results can be obtained by performing several treatments in a series (at intervals of several weeks).

What are the indications for microdermabrasion?

  • Having oily, seborrhoeic skin, prone to the formation of blackheads.
  • Dilated pores.
  • Uneven skin tone. Sun or acne discolouration.
  • Shallow wrinkles.
  • Small atrophic scars (for example, after acne).
  • Cellulite and stretch marks.
  • Excessive keratosis of the skin.

Microdermabrasion – contraindications

Before performing any cosmetic procedure, make sure it will be safe and indicated for your skin. Although microdermabrasion is one of the less invasive procedures you can benefit from in cosmetic and aesthetic medicine surgeries, even for this procedure there are some contraindications. Which ones? You will find them below:

  • Current inflammation on the skin (in the treatment area).
  • Skin diseases – primarily psoriasis and skin cancers.
  • Active bacterial or viral skin infections (in the treatment area).
  • Use of anticoagulants.
  • A tendency to scar formation.

These are the most commonly mentioned contraindications to microdermabrasion treatment. A consultation is also carried out before the procedure is carried out, not only to find out what you want, but also to make sure that there are no other circumstances that could affect the safety of performing this procedure.

Microdermabrasion – prices

The cost of microdermabrasion treatment is closely linked to its type. Laser treatment for the face usually involves the highest costs (often more than PLN 300), diamond microdermabrasion is slightly cheaper (usually around PLN 200). In many clinics, it is possible to purchase a series of treatments at once, which allows tangible savings to be made.

Is it worth opting for a microdermabrasion treatment? Many people who have already had the opportunity to experience its effectiveness first-hand have no doubts.

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