Protruding ears: what to know before deciding on a correction?

27 December 2023
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Protruding ears are a feature that can affect our mood and self-confidence. For some people it is just a minor detail, while for others it is a real source of complexes. So what should you know before deciding to have your ears corrected?

Causes of protruding ears and their impact on our well-being

Protruding ears are a trait that often has its origin in genetics. Children inherit a tendency to have protruding ears from their parents. However, there are also acquired factors that can contribute to the problem.

Often, protruding ears occur as a result of a lack of development of skin cartilage in the auricle area. As a result, the ears are not sufficiently „attached” to the head.

The psychological impact of protruding ears on well-being is not neglected. Especially during childhood, when peers are sometimes cruel in judging differences, protruding ears can be a source of complexes and self-esteem problems. It not infrequently leads to social isolation and loss of self-confidence.

Understanding that protruding ears can affect not only the aesthetic, but also the psychosocial sphere, is crucial before deciding on a possible correction. Correction of protruding ears not only eliminates the aesthetic problem, but can also significantly improve psychological comfort, contributing to increased self-confidence and positive well-being.

When is it worth considering a procedure for protruding ears?

The decision to correct protruding ears should be an informed choice, preceded by an understanding of certain principles and criteria. Below are the key aspects to think about if you want to opt for ear surgery.

  1. Health status: correction of protruding ears is a surgical procedure, so the patient’s health status is crucial. Those opting for the procedure should be in good general condition, with no significant health problems that could increase the risk of post-operative complications.
  2. Age: Many plastic surgeons recommend correcting protruding ears in school-aged children. This is due to psychosocial benefits, as surgery performed at an early age can reduce the risk of potential emotional difficulties associated with protruding ears.
  3. Expectations and motivations: it is a good idea to talk openly with the plastic surgeon about the patient’s expectations and motivations. It is crucial to understand what the patient wants to achieve by correcting the protruding ears to avoid possible disappointment after the procedure.
  4. Understanding the recovery process: patients should have a full understanding of the recovery process after correction of protruding ears. This usually includes a period of wearing a bandage, avoiding certain physical activities, and regular follow-up visits to the plastic surgeon.

Following these principles will allow you to make a more informed decision about correcting protruding ears. A consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon is crucial to get a personalized assessment and recommendations tailored to your specific case.


Risks of ear correction surgery

Patient safety is a priority during any surgical procedure, including the correction of protruding ears. Before deciding on a procedure, it is important to understand both the benefits and risks of the procedure.

Risk of infection

As with any surgical procedure, there is a risk of infection. Therefore, it is important to follow antiseptics before, during and after surgery to minimize this risk.

Unevenness or irregularity in end results:

Despite the surgeon’s diligence, there is a risk that the final results will not be perfectly balanced. There may be slight unevenness or irregularities, which sometimes need to be corrected again.

Allergic reactions

Rarely, but possible, are allergic reactions to substances or surgical materials used during the procedure. For those prone to allergies, it is important to inform the surgeon of any allergies.

Failures of the procedure

In rare cases, correction of protruding ears may not meet the patient’s expectations. Understanding that the end result also depends on the individual body’s response is key.

All these aspects are thoroughly discussed during the consultation before the procedure, and the patient is informed of the possible risks. The safety and effectiveness of the procedure also depend on the choice of an experienced plastic surgeon who will approach the correction of protruding ears with complete professionalism and attention to patient safety.

What can we expect from treatment for protruding ears?

The positive effects of the procedure are mainly the elimination of protruding ears. However, it is worth remembering that the final results of the surgery are revealed gradually as the swelling fades and the tissues heal. This is because we must be prepared for the fact that swelling and bruising may appear around the ears, especially in the first few days after surgery. However, such redness or swelling will gradually disappear over the course of weeks.

In addition, after the procedure is performed, we must follow the surgeon’s recommendations and make regular follow-up visits. Thanks to them, he will be able to monitor the healing process of the ear area, as well as assess and prevent possible complications.

Immediately after surgery, a special bandage should also be worn to stabilize the ears. The surgeon may also recommend the use of special bands or tapes to help keep the ears in position.

The good news is that ear correction surgery does not require a long recovery period. Patients can return to daily activities after a few days, although it takes longer to fully achieve stable results.

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