Professional teeth whitening – is it worth it?

11 October 2023
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A snow-white smile is the dream of many people, which can be fulfilled by opting for professional teeth whitening. What methods are available for brightening enamel? Are they safe? Which one to choose and is it worth opting for teeth whitening at the dentist?

What does tooth color depend on?

The natural shade of teeth can differ significantly from pure, snowy white. This is because many different factors influence the color of teeth:

  • Condition and properties of the enamel – the more transparent or thin it is, the more strongly it exposes the color of the dentin underneath.
  • Genetics – can have a significant impact on dentin coloration, as well as the degree of enamel transparency.
  • Age – over the years, tooth enamel becomes damaged, abraded and thinner. Because of this, teeth may appear darker, more yellow or gray.
  • Diet – frequent drinking of coffee, tea, red wine, fruit and vegetable juices can affect the formation of stains on the enamel.
  • Uses – especially unfavorable for the color of teeth is smoking, which affects the yellowing of enamel.
  • Oral hygiene – the color of the teeth benefits from regular brushing, removal of plaque and tartar.

These are the most important of the factors that influence the shade of teeth. So it is worth taking care of a white smile not only by deciding to have them professionally whitened, but also by implementing proper prevention for the future.

Popular teeth whitening methods

If you don’t like the shade of your teeth, you may want to consider using one of several enamel whitening methods. What whitens teeth? Some of the most popular ways to get whiter enamel include:

  • Tartar removal – if the shade of your teeth is close to perfect, but falls into a slight gray or you notice yellowish stains on your teeth, you may just need to have tartar removal performed at your dentist. During sandblasting, not only tartar but also minor stains disappear. This procedure needs to be done before using other methods of teeth whitening anyway, so it’s a good idea to start there. You may find that tartar removal alone will be sufficient for you.
  • Teeth whitening at the dentist using the overlay method – a popular method that requires custom-made overlays for teeth. For this purpose, an imprint of the upper and lower dental arch is made. The finished overlays should be filled with a specialized enamel brightening gel – as recommended by the specialist. Overlay whitening lasts up to several weeks and is carried out at home. While performing this procedure, it is necessary to follow dietary recommendations (which involve avoiding foods and drinks that stain enamel).
  • Professional teeth whitening by laser or using an LED lamp – these are faster methods that are fully implemented at the dentist’s office. What does teeth whitening in this way consist of? A special protective gel is applied to the gums, and an enamel brightening preparation is applied to the teeth, which are also exposed to the LED lamp or laser. The procedure lasts up to 90. minutes at the most, and makes it possible to lighten the enamel by several to a dozen tones.

Not sure which of the above teeth whitening methods to opt for? Nothing lost! Make an appointment for a dental consultation. It is necessary to verify the condition of your teeth before possible enamel whitening. The doctor will help you choose the most favorable method of teeth whitening.

What else is worth knowing about professional teeth whitening?

Before you decide to use the teeth whitening method of your choice, learn more about their specifics, as well as whether the effect is permanent and worthwhile. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Which teeth whitening method is the fastest?

Teeth whitening using LED lamp and diode laser are the fastest methods – the results are visible immediately after the procedure, which usually takes no more than 90. minutes. You need to be much more patient when the decision is made for overlay whitening – in this case it takes several weeks to get the desired results.

By how many tones can you lighten your teeth?

It depends on the method of action chosen. Just cleaning the teeth by sandblasting can remove light discoloration and make the enamel a tone lighter. Overlay whitening can provide a whitening effect of several tones (rather, no more than six). However, the most visible change in the color of the enamel can only be brought by teeth whitening using an LED lamp or laser – in this case it is possible to lighten the color of the teeth by up to twelve tones.

Teeth whitening – how long does it last?

Unfortunately, even professional treatments do not guarantee a lifetime effect of brightened enamel. The longevity of the effect, however, depends on individual post-treatment management. To enjoy a white smile for as long as possible, you should take care of your oral hygiene and avoid products that stain the enamel. By following these rules, you can expect to maintain the effect of whiter teeth for up to four years.

Is it safe to whiten teeth at the dentist?

Certainly, performing the procedure in a professional office and under the guidance of a specialist is safer than trying to whiten teeth at home on your own with the help of agents bought online. The performance of a professional procedure is preceded by a thorough interview with the patient, as well as an examination of the condition of the teeth and mouth (teeth and gums must be healthy before the procedure is performed). The dentist selects the most favorable method of action – also taking into account any allergies or medical conditions that the patient suffers from. For this reason, undergoing a teeth whitening procedure at the dentist’s office is as safe an option as possible, although it should be borne in mind that any procedure may be associated with adverse effects and complications. The details depend on the chosen technique of action and are best discussed during a visit to a specialist.

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